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Re: all ppc packages need rebuilding with gcc 4.1.1ds2-30

Santiago Vila un jour écrivit:

Etch is frozen. Do you realize what it means?

The gcc release fixing this build-depends on glibc 2.4 on the powerpc
architecture. Having glibc 2.4 in etch is not unlikely, it's impossible.

While we are at it, correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I've read
this .note.GNU-stack issue will not work if you link code with such
header with code without it, which means we have to rebuild everything
"constructively", i.e. glibc first, then the libraries that build-depends
only on it, and so on. This is the type of thing Debian usually does not
do when the distribution is frozen.

I don't want to disappoint you, but we have to be realistic.

Also, even Matthias Klose (Debian maintainer for GCC) did mark the package priority as low.

The rational behind it is probably that it doesn't create a security hole by itself: it is just a last chance to protect from other bugs. If those changes enter Etch, there is maybe some applications that will stop working properly or reveal new bugs. In other words, it would probably delay a lot the Etch release.

I believe that the only way you could see this entering Etch, is if you convince the maintainers that this is a release-critical bug. As it doesn't make the system less stable and don't makes it unsecure by itself, I would be very surprised if you can convince more than few Debian developpers that it is a good idea.

If the changes were little intrusive, maybe it would have been possible. But at this point, most bugs won't be fixed unless it is release-critical.

I understand that you would like very much to see it in Etch, but at this time, it creates more problems than it resolve.

Simon Valiquette

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