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Re: all ppc packages need rebuilding with gcc 4.1.1ds2-30

On 1/6/07, Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> wrote:
On Sat, 6 Jan 2007, Albert Cahalan wrote:

> Bugs 382741 and 382748 in gcc just got fixed
> in the gcc 4.1.1ds2-30 package.
> Rebuilding all packages is the next step to making
> ppc secure.

From the bug report:

> After this gets fixed, the whole damn system needs
> to be rebuilt. I don't know where to request that.

Since you ask: Rebuilding everything at once (via binary-only NMUs)
is a lot of work, and IMHO unlikely to happen, at least in the near future.

This is terrible. Etch needs this.

Well, how about at least rebuilding:

a. libraries (very critical for popular things like glibc!)
b. servers
c. setuid/setgid apps and the things they run (print filters, etc.)
d. network client apps like web browsers
e. file converters and import filters

BTW, this is holding back kernel changes. There are several
workable ways to get no-execute on regular 32-bit PowerPC.

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