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Re: Bug#400919: Bug #400919: Bug affecting Kino (and Cinelerra) on PowerPC, any ideas?

On Sun, Jan 07, 2007 at 03:47:56PM +0100, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> To be honest, I haven't used kino for a while - I had worked out a crude
> endianness fix for video, that got corrected by someone even, and dropped
> the matter when the ffmpeg packages were available. It was too slow to be
> useable.

The only video-related endianness bug in kino/libdv I'm aware of turned
out the be an Xv problem. That was in 2002. Please file a bug if there
are still issues on ppc.

> > ffmpeg is available in debian main since some time.
> So we need to convince the kino maintainer to use it - and ask Guido for
> details. Please keep in mind that we need the altivec optimized ffmpeg
> code ...

ffmpeg is supposed to be used for decoding by default already, but the
ppc build of kino 0.92-1 isn't liked with libavcodec. The ppc buildd log
is missing on buildd.d.o, so I don't know why, but it might well be due
to a botched build environment. Unless Paul already knows more about
what's going wrong here, could you please try to simply rebuild kino on
ppc and see whether it picks up the proper libavcodec dependency?



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