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Re: Bug #400919: Bug affecting Kino (and Cinelerra) on PowerPC, any ideas?

> > > IIRC kino will use the ffmpeg decoder if it is available, or used to
> > > anyway. Solution is to investigate seeing how kino can use the ffmpeg
> > > decoder.
> >
> > That's been done - IIRC Guido Guenther provided ffmpeg enabled binaries at
> > http://honk.sigxcpu.org/linux-ppc/debian ...
> cc:ed so he can comment on this.
> On my imac kino crashed when trying to load a .dv file, log is attached. But I
> could see the preview window for a second, with correct colors.

To be honest, I haven't used kino for a while - I had worked out a crude
endianness fix for video, that got corrected by someone even, and dropped
the matter when the ffmpeg packages were available. It was too slow to be

> IMHO the severity of this bug should be upgraded.
> > is ffmpeg OK to distribute now?
> ffmpeg is available in debian main since some time.

So we need to convince the kino maintainer to use it - and ask Guido for
details. Please keep in mind that we need the altivec optimized ffmpeg
code ...


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