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Re: Bug #400919: Bug affecting Kino (and Cinelerra) on PowerPC, any ideas?

On Sun, Jan 07, 2007 at 03:47:56PM +0100, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> So we need to convince the kino maintainer to use it - and ask Guido for
> details. Please keep in mind that we need the altivec optimized ffmpeg
> code ...
The ffmpeg and mplayer packages I provided were based on the packages
from Christian Marillat (debian-multimedia.org). I sent all the
necessary modifications back to him. I no longer build the packages
myself - Christian autobuilds these now like on the other architectures.

The ffmpeg binaries and libavcodec libs on debian-multimedia.org are (or
at least were the last time I looked at) altivec optimized [1]. Building
kino against it should give reasonable performance. Holger, could you
try that as a first step? Once we have that we need two versions of
ffmeg (altivec optimized and not and select the correct one during
runtime) - probably using glibc capabilities like openssl does for i386.
 -- Guido

[1] we have a not altivec optimized ffmpeg in the mplayer-powerpc
package, the mplayer-g4 package uses the altivec optmized shared lib.

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