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Re: Scary IDE message and a hang in fresh Etch installation

Happy 11111010111 !!!

Eddy Petrișor escribió:
César Gómez Martín wrote:
I have the same problem with my iBook G3@700 with etch and Ubuntu Edgy.

Kernel version?
Etch: 2.6.18-3
Edgy: 2.6.17-10
I don't have this problem in my Powerbook...

that was a PowerBook5,8 iirc, right?
right, and running 2.6.17-10 :)
Did you fix the problem?

Nope. Do you have any idea?
No idea. I first thought that my hard disk was dying but then I realized that a lot of people were having the same problem. I have a smaller hard disk and I will probably try with this one when I have time.

I think I have seen also a decrease in battery time in sleep mode with the new kernel (2.6.18-3),
but I am not sure is the kernel since I have seen this only with the original battery.
I haven't seen battery changes at all, it is just those "lost interrupt" problems that hang the whole system. I checked the disk with the Apple Test CD, with smartctl and more tools and the disk is always ok.

Another important thing is that it *always* happens when I move the laptop, i.e., if I don't move the laptop (e.g., always on the table) it *never* happens (no matter how long you wait).

Hope to get it fixed soon :(


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