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Battery use. was Re: Scary IDE message and a hang in fresh Etch installation

On Wed, Jan 03, 2007 at 02:09:53PM +0100, César Gómez Martín wrote:
> Eddy Petrișor escribió:
> >I think I have seen also a decrease in battery time in sleep mode with 
> >the new kernel (2.6.18-3),
> >but I am not sure is the kernel since I have seen this only with the 
> >original battery.
> I haven't seen battery changes at all, it is just those "lost interrupt" 
> problems that hang the whole system. I checked the disk with the Apple 
> Test CD, with smartctl and more tools and the disk is always ok.
 I think I'm seeing a reduced sleep time with on an ibook
G4 (7447A cpu).  At first I assumed the battery was showing it's
age, but I've just run some tests and I think there _is_ heavier
battery usage.

 My test was somewhat simplistic (charge while sleeping, open,
record battery information, sleep for approx 6 hours, open, record,
calculate).  It's important to sleep for a similar time on each test,
from a full charge, because the battery use reported is not linear.

 With (compiled with gcc-4.1.1) I saw the charge decline by
240 units (mA?) in 21551 seconds, or an average time-per-unit of
89.8 seconds.  With (compiled with gcc-4.0.2, running on a
different partition) I saw a decline of only 193 units in 21532
seconds (111.5 seconds per unit).

 At the moment, I don't know how repeatable these figures are.  I
think I'd better try and then 2.6.20-rc to see if it has
already been fixed (assuming the figures are indeed repeatable).

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