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Re: unable to boot Motorola Powerstack II

On Tue, Jan 02, 2007 at 01:59:18PM +0100, Matthias Koch-Schirrmeister wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 2. Januar 2007 09:56 schrieb Sven Luther:
> > Last post here except one, due to my self-imposed ban asked by Fabio's
> > mediation attempt.
> Let's hope this will be sorted out in a way that's acceptable to all parties 
> involved.

Little luck there.

> > Normally the installer should have done prep-install, and not nobootloader,
> > so i am wondering what happened here, 
> After booting the image from tftp, the system goes straight into that mode 
> without giving me any options, except for language, keyboard layout and 
> manual or guided partitioning.

you somehow don't get prep-installer, please fill a bug report.
> > can you provide the /proc/cpuinfo of your machine ?
> Here we go:
> processor            : 0
> cpu                     : 604r
> clock                   : ???
> revision               : 49.2 (pvr 0009 3102)
> bogomips             : 299.9
> machine              : PReP Utah (Powerstack II Pro4000)
> l2cache               : 512 KiB, parity disabled, synchronous, pipelined, no
>                            parity
> > When you do the installation, can you go to console 2, and check with
> > parted /dev/sda that you have indeed a prep partition.
> I do not have /dev/sd* devices, they are named 

no, you should have /dev/sda, what version of the installer are you using ?
> /dev/scsi/bus0/<long path>/part1, then part2 and so on. 

this sounds like the older sarge installer images, not latest etch.

> When partitioning manually, I declared the first partition "PReP", bootable, 
> no mountpoint, and the partitioner confirmed that. Seems to be OK.
> 2nd partition is swap, 3rd is /.

yeah, i guessed such, but i wanted to be sure.
> > Then before rebooting, you go to console 2 again, and you check that the
> > vmlinuz kernel has indeed been created 
> It's located at /boot/vmlinux . Should it be under root?

no, you need the mkvmlinuz produced vmlinuz-2.6.18-3-prep. It should indeed be
in /boot.

> >   dd if=/target/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.18-3-prep of=/dev/sda1
> Done, seemed to work (no weird ouputs at least).
> Still,
> boot /pci/scsi@2/disk@0,0:1 (:1 being the PReP boot partition)
> does not work. 
> boot /pci/scsi@2/disk@0,0 or
> boot /pci/scsi@2/disk@0,0:3
> do not work, either.

boot disk should do, and i think devalias will tell you about it. It should

> > Please consider filing a bug report against d-i about the fact that
> > prep-installer is not being run on your box, including the /proc/cpuinfo
> > output.
> Is there a chance that this will be fixed? I did not follow the development, 
> but this platform seems to be discontinued.

Well, given the d-i situation, i don't know, but i have such a box, and will
provide patches if a bug report is opened, and a forked alternative d-i build
if the d-i guys don't get their act together, but things where going rather
well before christmas, so ...


Sven Luther

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