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Re: unable to boot Motorola Powerstack II

Am Donnerstag, 21. Dezember 2006 18:21 schrieb Alex:
> I can confirm the suggestion by Sven. The machine boots perfectly but
> just not from anything else.

Hi there,

first of all, I wish everybody a happy new year 2007.

OK, I've been able to boot now from a local tftp server as suggested. The 
system went into installation mode and so far everything seems to be OK. 
Anyway, it's still not booting after the installation is finished. 

Last output was something like: "You have chosen not to use a boot loader or a 
boot loader is not available for your system. Boot from /dev/sda1 and use 
root=/dev/sda3." (this is mounted to /).

I am where I started, only that I have a possibly running system on the disk, 
but I can't get it going.

On the boot prompt I entered (assuming that the kernel is located at /vmlinuz) 

boot /pci/scsi@2/disk@0,0:3,vmlinuz (/dev/sda3 for the root partition) and

boot /pci/scsi@2/disk@0,0:1,vmlinuz (to honour the thing about "boot from 

Outputs are "Unable to access boot device", "could not load disk label" and 
the like.

I admit that I'm a i386 sissy, clearly I'm doing something wrong here. Or 
maybe it's just a misunderstanding of the firmware syntax? Im really puzzled.


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