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Re: Installing Debian on a Beige G3 PowerMac (OldWorld)


On Saturday 30 December 2006 07:33, Rick Thomas wrote:
> your machine won't boot til you re-key the options.  I find this
> prospect enough of a potential PITA that I strongly recommend the
> fourth option.
> The fourth and final boot loader option is MacOS-9 with a simple
> little extension called BootX (This is *not* the same BootX as you
> may be using to get your G3 to run MacOS-X.  This BootX was written
> by Benjamin Herrenschmidt, who does most of the heavy lifting porting
> work for Linux on PowerPC hardware.  (He also wrote miboot.) 

Please not that Benjamin recommends not to use bootX if possible: 

Bootx is mostly useful if you also want to boot mac os <=9, which is a even 
more rare usecase nowadays then running these machines at all :)

If you only run linux, go with quik. (And for the troubles Rick mentiones, 
have miboot floppies ready (available at http://layer-acht.org/d-i-miboot/) 
and write down the steps needed to configure OF properly for your machine.

And while you're at it, share those steps :)


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