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Re: Migrating from iMac/powerpc to iMac/intel


On Sunday 31 December 2006 04:02, Eduardo Trápani wrote:
> I just wrote to debian-users because I need to move a whole debian box
> from a powerpc iMac to an intel pc.  The problem is that there seems to
> be platform specific files in use and that means that simply
> reinstalling packages and copying /etc will not be enough.

You need to identifiy those files that _seem_ to be platform specific. 

From my experience there are basically none. When my ibook broke, I installed 
the same packages on a i386 laptop, copied the configuration files and /home 
and kept working :-)

"bacially none" because the bootloader config is different and I used a 
different partitioning, so fstab was different too...

Stuff in /usr/local is likely to be platform specific, too. But not in /etc.


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