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bug in cpufreqd?

On 11/26/06, leandro noferini <lnoferin@cybervalley.org> wrote:
Ciao a tutti,

I am  founding a  trouble with  cpufreqd from the  last upgrade  of this
program: on the log I read this

Nov 26 18:06:24 janni kernel: ondemand governor failed to load due to too long transition latency
Nov 26 18:06:24 janni cpufreqd: cpufreqd_set_profile     : Couldn't set profile "On Demand High" set for cpu0 (1333333-666666-ondemand)
Nov 26 18:06:24 janni cpufreqd: cpufreqd_loop            : Cannot set policy, Rule unchanged ("none").

I am going to send also a bug report for this.

are you sure this is a bug and not just a local problem? Where is the
bug report?

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