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distributed.net on PowerPC


I'm the maintainer for the distributed-net package.  There is a, rather old, 
bug report against this package (#235152) which says that distributed.net 
segfaults on start up on PPC.  It also says that the distributed.net client 
complains about the altivec.  

There has been at least one new upstream release for PPC since this bug report 
was filed.  So would someone on this list be willing to let me know if this 
problem still persists with the current version of the distrbuted-net package 
(preferably the one in unstable)?  If you have it running and everything 
seems to work fine then that's a good indicator that the problem has been 
solved.  A better test would be to start the client manually, as follows:

/usr/bin/dnetc -ini /etc/distributed-net.conf -inbase  /var/lib/distributed-net/buff-in -outbase /var/lib/distributed-net/buff-out

You will need to stop the client (via the init script) before running this 
test.  With this command the distributed.net client will log it's progress 
(and any errors) to the console.  If it manages to start and begin crunching 
then then issue has been fixed.  If it gives any errors, please send those to 
me, so that I can forward them upstream.

Any help that can be provided in this matter would be appreciated, as I have 
no way of checking out this problem myself.



P.S.  Please CC me with any responces as I'm not on this list.

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