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Making a d-i USB memory stick under Mac OS X


I'm trying to make a bootable USB memory stick for Debian Installer, according to the instructions at http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.powerpc/ch04s04.html.  These instructions are for a Debian system, but there must be a way to do the same thing under OS X.  I have downloaded boot.img.gz, and now just need to write it to the raw USB stick (the easy way, using zcat), which means that the device must not be mounted, right?  I've identified the device as /dev/rdisk2 (or should it be /dev/disk2 ?) when it's mounted, but when it's not mounted, there is no device node.

Can somebody please give me some instructions on how to do this under Mac OS X?

  Otto Maddox

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