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Re:xorg nv options

Evan Monroig wrote:

> Also, for some reason the resolution defaults to 1024x768 (the maximum
> of the internal display) instead of 1280x1024 that I specified.  I guess
> that it is somewhat related..

Hi Evan,

I don't know if it works for nvidia cards (a quick search on Google tends to
answer yes but I'm not 100% sure) but with a radeon card I have to use the
MetaModes option in Xorg.conf.

The line

        Option "MetaModes" "1024x768+1280x960"

in the device section permits to have a cloned display of a 1280x960 virtual
desktop which is displayed in "real" 1024x768 on the fist port (the lcd)
and in 1280x960 on the second port (the dvi output).

My 2¢,


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