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Re: %20Re:xorg nv options

On Mon, Nov 06, 2006 at 04:18:53PM +0900, Evan Monroig wrote:
> Following your instructions, I managed to use display on an external
> monitor.  Thanks for sharing your instructions !

I'm glad it helped!

> However, the internal LCD shows a corrupted display.  Do you know if it
> is possible to just blank it?

I don't know, have you tried using the buttons to lower the brightness?

> Also, for some reason the resolution defaults to 1024x768 (the maximum
> of the internal display) instead of 1280x1024 that I specified.  I guess
> that it is somewhat related..

try switching resolutions with ctrl-alt-+ (on the numeric pad, IIRC)

I'm not aware of any updates on this issue (garbled internal monitor) but if
someone wants testing I'm happy to provide it.


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