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Re: internet from lan

Thanks for the tip but that kernel panics during the install.
Tried to use the new ram disk and the 2.4 kernel but there was an issue with the cdrom driver...
Anyone got any other ideas?

On 2006/10/29, at 6:56, Michael Tautschnig wrote:

By the way, the iso that I used for install was:
thanks for your help, barry

Could you try to use the testing release? You can find an image at
http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/etch_di_beta3/powerpc/iso-cd/ debian-testing-powerpc-netinst.iso

However, I don't know whether the current release ought to work on powerpc,
maybe someone else knows a bit more about that!?

Other than that, I've never owned a Wallstreet and thus I don't know whether
there are any known issues with a 2.4 kernel or the like.


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