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Re: old world nonsense, please rectify

On Mon, Oct 23, 2006 at 01:53:56AM -0700, brian wrote:
> i still don't get with the premature deletion.
> 18 is still in unstable, it is not in etch or
> even testing (and imho that is still correct).
> i believe franz said they were waiting until 
> post freeze for that.

Notice that before .15 was deleted, .16 got in etch, it was even kept in sid
together with .17. And then .17 got into etch, and soon .18 will get into

I believe it has been ages since .15 got removed, ever since .16 entered etch,
which may have been in spring or so.

Anyway, please try 2.6.18-3, which includes, and was uploaded this WE
if i remember well.


Sven Luther

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