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Re: old world nonsense, please rectify

--- Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> wrote:

> > > > 
> > > > On Sunday 22 October 2006 10:20, Benjamin
> Herrenschmidt wrote:
> > > > > What is the exact problem ? I'm pretty sure
> I had 2.6.18 booting fine on
> > > > > a couple of oldworld boxes here before
> relase. (A fix for IDE on some
> > > > > performa went in later on, I think in

well (sigh) it could be very slowly that got through
here, i suppose i could try it one more time...

... well i just did update/dist-upgrade (which i do
weekly) and i got 18 in it, so let me try it. i get
a Lot of 404s, still mostly from the debian/etch pool,
mirrors tend to be behind...)

> > > > 
> > > > The problem I see here (even on newworld), is
> that 32mb is too little memory 

it was stated i believe 64mb may be low water for
etch (at least on powerpc ...)

> > > > for kernel (4.3mb) plus initrd (5mb, both
> compressed sizes).

> > my laptop is only 2Mb compressed.

so is mine, that still would only boot to 2.6.15.

> Same here, I think the problem is the ramdisk, which
> is indeed 5mb compressed,
> but only because initramfs-tools insists in putting
> world+dog on the ramdisk.
> Using modules=dep or yaird will solve this and
> create a smaller ramdisk.

i went through this in september (actually starting
in august) -- it was the only way i could even get
15 to go, but even so 18 would not go. also yaird
has so far never work on my powerbook3400 (complains
about ata-cd device tree and quits, funny it
complains on beige g3 too but follows through).

about my only hope if this update should not work
that the kernel image is too large (that also
increase quite a bit), perhaps taking out something
might reduce it enough (such as altivec). however
i have never compiled a kernel and i am not too
keen on doing it right now (i would rather do it
when i have time to really learn about it)
> Friendly,

i still don't get with the premature deletion.
18 is still in unstable, it is not in etch or
even testing (and imho that is still correct).
i believe franz said they were waiting until 
post freeze for that.

if 15s are inconsistent with etch, put them in
the sarge directory. make them crossover kernel.
people upgrading in place from sarge can install
that first and it will help, there, makes the xorg
and all that go easier. but please include ubuntu
updates( but maybe its too late now)

you should have some sort of plan, otherwise
it simply appears that the power consortium owns
the ppc arch, not exactly "free".

i am putting this out here for one reason because
it appears Sven is still the main contact for
ppc on the kernel team. also i did file bug report
on 18, but i can't file one on 15 because the
package no longer exists (other than for amd)

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