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Re: Nonsense at boot-time: "On battery power, so skipping file system check"

On Thu, 2006-12-10 at 21:44 +0200, Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:
> Hi
> Here: Powerbook5,8 - on unstable
same here.

> The error disappears if I connect the battery to the machine, while
> still running it on AC.
> I'm not sure whether the following error might have to do with the
> problem (It seems this happens no matter the battery is inserted to
> the machine or not):
> It might be a hardware failure. But after the last upgrades the first
> suspect for me would be some software ...
> Resetting PMU is only the very last option: This will most certainly
> destroy the correct date, thus invalidating the calibrated time
> system.

Seeing the same thing here, a quick look after booting with the battery
removed shows:
$ cat /proc/pmu/info
PMU driver version     : 2
PMU firmware version   : 11
AC Power               : 0
Battery count          : 1

As you can see, it says that the laptop is not connected to AC. So there
is obviously something wrong here.

After I insert the battery everything works as expected. I am running a
2.6.18-rc2-git1 kernel here.


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