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Re: /dev/pmu permissions, again

Hi Gunther,

* Gunther Furtado <gunzera@pop.com.br> [2006-06-26 08:36:05 -0300]:

> I am receiving a slightly different message:
> "No /dev/pmu found".

Me, too:

woodstock:~# /etc/init.d/pbbuttonsd start
Starting pbbuttonsd:ERROR: The object '/dev/pmu' doesn't exist. 

> Everything seems to be working OK so I'm ignoring the error but is there 
> a way to make it go away?

The brightness keys are also working here. But the "notap" function for
example is not working any more. 

In /var/log/aptitude I found:
[UPGRADE] kernel-package 10.054 -> 10.062. 

Do you think that the kernel update is the problem? As soon as I have
enough bandwith I will check.

(I am now on 2.6.15-1-powerpc on a iBook G4.)

Best wishes,

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