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Re: pbbuttonsd gets SIGKILL when suspending

On Mon, Oct 09, 2006 at 02:34:52PM +0000, Jörg Sommer wrote:
> Hi,
> my pbbuttonsd dies sometimes while suspending the system to RAM. It gets
> a SIGKILL, but I don't know from where and when. Is it possible to create
> a coredump upon SIGKILL? How?

What I have seen happening in some cases is that the script 
started by pbbuttonsd takes too much time and is killed after
a timeout.

In this case changing the timeout may help. By default the 
script has to finish in 8 seconds; this may be insufficient 
in some situations or CmdTimeout in /etc/pbbuttonsd.conf has 
been set to a lower value.


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