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Re: iMac Indigo freezes after upgrade to Sid

Wolfgang Pfeiffer schreef:
On Sun, Oct 01, 2006 at 05:20:38PM +0200, Jan Stedehouder wrote:

I have the following problem. After upgrading from Debian Sarge to Sid I have major issues getting a GUI. GDM is starting excruciatingly slow and clicking on anything freezes the whole system.

Symptoms as described here? :


Best Regards

Hi Wolfgang,

Very similar problems. I noticed the problem already in Ubuntu Dapper Drake, but since I did not experience it both in Yellowdrake or Debian Sarge I first attributed it to something distro specific. After upgrading Sarge to Sid it became clear it was something else and yesterday evening I narrowed it down to either the kernel (2.6.18) or the change from xfree86 to xorg.

The screen fills only the bottom two thirds when booting, the mouse moves freely and the keyboard response is fine when logging in through GDM. After that it becomes very slow. ALT-F1 etc does get me a console, after a minute or so.

So yes, this looks like the same problem.

Kindest regards,

Jan Stedehouder

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