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pbbuttons with sysfs backlight support


I did it or better I *believe* I did it :-)

The code of the upcoming release is in CVS. It has got a class
backlight with several low level drivers (two at the moment: sysfs and
pmu). The driver which suits best will be auto-detected.

Because the SysFS interface supports much more brightness steps I had
to redefine parts of the client API. Especially the brightness messages
and the fading mechanism. You need to update following options in your
configuration file: LCD_Brightness, LCD_Fadingspeed, KBD_Brightness and
KBD_Fadingspeed. Please see the man page pbbuttonsd.conf.5 for details.

The brightness message sent to clients uses percentage now and the
fading speed will be given as device independent time value (see man
page for details). This assures that the behaviour of pbbuttonsd is
always the same, whatever backlight driver is used. Unfortunately this
will confuse most of the clients including gtkpbbuttons. A patched
version of gtkpbbuttons is in the repository too.

Please try the CVS version and tell me any issues you find. Also
positive feedback is welcome.

If you are unfamiliar with CVS but nevertheless want to test the
release candidate, please see on

You will find a detailed information how to get the source.

After the source is on your hard disk, run the autogen.sh script in the
main directory. After that 'make' and 'make install' should do the job.

  Best Regards

PS: If anybody has problems with CVS please tell me. I will send you a
    preliminary package for test.

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