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Re: Success compiling Drivers for Proxim/Orinoco Silver (based on Hermes I and II chipsets)

Hi Frank, you haven't by chance got a driver working for Mac OSX 10.2.8, on a Wallstreet powerbook with a Proxim (Agere) Orinoco Silver PC Card, model no. 8421-wd?
Sounds abit cheeky when one puts it like that.
I found that you had a driver working on an older powerbook with Debian (beyond my ken), but I am stumped.
Any info greatly appreciated.



P.S. this is what I found...the card model no's match ..I have the Agere systems 0110-PC card 

I successfully built and am using a Hermes-II driver for the Proxim/Orinoco 
Silver 8421-WD. The source code came from the Agere website, at: 
http://www.agere.com/support/drivers/ and I'm running it on a Powerbook G3. 
It was built against the 2.4.25 Debian kernel on www.ppckernel.org (from 
3/5/2004) (patched with the pcmcia eject patch). 

The current driver is version 7.18. This source code also supports the 
following chipsets (see below). 

The source code and configuration files require a few minor changes. I am in 
the process of hopefully getting these changes included in the next release 
from Agere. I don't have a patch file yet, but will create one if anyone is 
interested. I am not subscribed to this list currently, so please reply to me 
personally as well as to the list until I get the mail filters set up 



(from the README file):


1.1 Description 

    This software supports the following network interface
    * "Wireless PC Card Model 0104" ("Gold" and "Silver")
    * "Wireless PC Card Model 0106" ("Gold" and "Silver")
    * "Wireless Integrated Card Model 0202"
    * "Wireless Embedded Card Model 0504" (MiniPCI)
    * "Wireless PC Card Model 0110"
    * "Wireless PC Card Model 0111"
    * "Wireless MiniPCI Card Model 0506"
    * "Wireless MiniPCI Card Model 0508"
    * "Wireless CompactFlash Card Model 1401"
    * Other wireless adapters based on Agere's 
      Hermes-I/Hermes-II chipset.

    This software is officially released and supported
    software of Agere Systems Inc.

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