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Re: xkb-data with support for Mac keyboards into unstable

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Chris Burdess wrote:
> Jörg Sommer wrote:
>> If I sit in front of a keyboard with an Apple logo, I expect an Apple
>> keyboard. If I see the @ sign engraved on the L key, I expect I get it
>> when I press Modifier+L.
> That's laudable, and echoes my own expectations with respect to the
> Alt+click (right click) when using X on my (1-button mouse) Powerbook.
> Is this ever going to happen, or will I forever be limited to an
> external 2/3-button USB mouse?
> /me waits with bated breath...

Use mouseemu. I have configured it to generate the right things:
- - Left_Ctrl+click => right click
- - Left_Shift+click => middle click

If you have to modifier+click, you can use Fn+modifier+click which will
act as right_modifier+click which is different from Left_modifier.

Or you could map the combinations on Right_modifier+click if you want.

Here is my mouseemu configuration file:

- ------8<-----------
$ cat /etc/default/mouseemu
# Defaults for mouseemu initscript (/etc/init.d/mouseemu)
# These are the default values on PowerPC. On all other architectures
# middle and right click are disabled by default.
# Key codes can be found in include/linux/input.h in the kernel headers
# or by using `showkey` in a console.

#MID_CLICK="-middle 0 68"         # F10 with no modifier
#MID_CLICK="-middle 0 0"         # no middle click emulation
MID_CLICK="-middle 42 272"         # left shift + click
#MID_CLICK="-middle 125 272"      # Left Apple Key (LEFTMETA) + click
#RIGHT_CLICK="-right 0 87"        # F11 with no modifier
RIGHT_CLICK="-right 29 272"      # Left Ctrl + click
#SCROLL="-scroll 56"              # Alt key
SCROLL="-scroll 0"              # no scroll
TYPING_BLOCK="-typing-block 500" # block mouse for 500ms after a keypress
- ------8<-----------

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