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Please test xkb-data 0.8-12exp2 in experimental


xkb-data 0.8-12exp2 is in experimental.  The macintosh_old2 version
has been removed from this version, there are only 2 models:
  - macintosh_old (old kernels with ADB keycodes)
  - macintosh (new kernels with PC keycodes)
But 2 new options are added: apple:badmap and apple:goodmap to change
keycodes for the 2 swapped keys.  This means that macintosh_old2
model is replaced by macintosh.  If kernel misdetects the attached
keyboard, users can select the apple:badmap option.

Basically macintosh model is now equivalent to pc105, the only
difference is that with the former, layouts are taken from
symbols/macintosh_vndr whereas with the latter, they come from
symbols/.  One can then set a Macintosh layout on a PC keyboard
by selecting the macintosh model, or set a PC layout on a Mac with
pc105 model, and use apple:badmap and apple:goodmap if needed to
swap the 2 problematic keys.

This version will be pushed ustream, so please test it and report
problems.  After that, we will discuss modifiers and default settings.


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