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Re: grub2?

dtutty@porchlight.ca writes:

> I don't know yaboot but I do know grub.  I'll be going to see the vendor
> in a couple of weeks.  I see that grub2 is in testing but no sign of
> grub-disk yet.  Is anyone running grub2 who could make me a grub2 floppy
> disk?  I don't need a boot menu, just a grub command line.  Such a disk
> image could then be emailed to me at dtutty@porchlight.ca

grub2 is still somewhat experimental, so it probably won't work for
you at present.  If you want to use it, I would suggest building from
CVS to create a custom [of]grub, and then boot that from OpenFirmware
by hand.

I can't make you such an image, because I've never seen a powerpc
system with a floppy drive, so creating a bootable one is likely to

Until grub2 is stable, I would suggest using yaboot.


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