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question about yaboot and radeon 9200

Hello,I'm having a couple problems,If anyone could help that would be great.
I'm running debian etch on my powermac with one of those radeon 9200 mac edition cards and a single sync monitor.The monitor can only to 1024x768 and 1280x1024,what do I need to add to my yaboot.conf to make it boot up at 1280x1024?I have tried a number of different things,like video=radeonfb:1024x768 but the only thing that seems to work is video=ofonly.I remember a few months ago I was able to do this with something like "option:1024x768",but I cant remember.Anyone know?
Another question; I cant switch from X to a virtual terminal,my monitor turns off like its on a resolution the monitor cant do,even though it works before I start X.Any suggestions?
One more question; I cant seem to get dri working on this card,can someone with this card(the pci radeon 9200) reply with there xorg.conf please?
Any help is very much appreciated

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