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Re: can not switch to virtual terminal since upgrading kernel and gdm

On Fri, Sep 01, 2006 at 01:41:28PM +0200, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > I am running an old G4/400 with a usb keyboard for testing reason
> > with the current kernel ( from kernel.org). I do not know
> > when it happend but I am not able to switch to a virtual terminal
> > anymore.
> > If I remember right , I could switch with (CTRL+Option+F1) to vt1
> > with kernel <= But with kernel and this
> > is not possible any more.
> >
> > Maybe it is not a kernel problem, i am running gdm and i upgrade gdm
> > in the same timeslot. So maybe gdm overwrote a config-parameter?
> More likely a xkb data change; since I last upgraded X packages I can no
> longer type \|@ and friends without changing to a US keymap temporarily. I
> hope the xkb-data experimental upload will fix this (see other thread).
> To switch VTs from X, I use LeftAlt as 3rd level chooser in the gnome
> keyboard config tool. That does not work from the gdm login screen, but
> commenting out the XKbVariant option in xorg.conf does indeed bring the VT
> switch back even there.

No bug has been reported against xkb-data, and I am not aware of any
such problem.  Please file a bug report with your xorg.conf.


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