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Re: can not switch to virtual terminal since upgrading kernel and gdm

> I am running an old G4/400 with a usb keyboard for testing reason
> with the current kernel ( from kernel.org). I do not know
> when it happend but I am not able to switch to a virtual terminal
> anymore.
> If I remember right , I could switch with (CTRL+Option+F1) to vt1
> with kernel <= But with kernel and this
> is not possible any more.
> Maybe it is not a kernel problem, i am running gdm and i upgrade gdm
> in the same timeslot. So maybe gdm overwrote a config-parameter?

More likely a xkb data change; since I last upgraded X packages I can no
longer type \|@ and friends without changing to a US keymap temporarily. I
hope the xkb-data experimental upload will fix this (see other thread).

To switch VTs from X, I use LeftAlt as 3rd level chooser in the gnome
keyboard config tool. That does not work from the gdm login screen, but
commenting out the XKbVariant option in xorg.conf does indeed bring the VT
switch back even there.


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