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Re: 17" Powerbook fan turns on when starting into Ubuntu Dapper

BXrge Holen wrote:
> On Friday 11 August 2006 00:17, Adam D wrote:
>> Adam D wrote:
>>> BXrge Holen wrote:
>>>> On Thursday 10 August 2006 23:53, Adam D wrote:
>>>>> OK,  I decided to just install Ubuntu on the 2nd Gen 17" powerbook with
>>>>> ext3 as the file system and it works for now instead of booting into
>>>>> xfs.
>>>>> Upon startup and starting the network interfaces and then the portmap
>>>>> the fan turns on full throttle and spins for a while. It is semi loud
>>>>> and is rather annoying.   Is there a way not to have the fan spin when
>>>>> booting into Ubunto on startup?
>>>> Is the fan a problem? As in; a fault that make it spin, instead of
>>>> temp.? Anyway, I believe I had some sort of unagreement with my fan
>>>> together with kernel 2.6.8, while at it, I'm not completely sure.
>>>>> -Adam
>>> Guess one would say it is not a problem however when booting into OSX the
>>> fan does not turn on unless of something really pushing the CPU hard.  On
>>> Ubuntu the fan is extremely sensitive and turns on with the slightest
>>>  thing running.
> Yes, that could be what I mentioned, I installed debian testing and a vanilla 
> kernel, problem solved.
>>>  I can't tell if it is heat related or not.  How does one 
>>> tell?  As for the kernel.  I have not yet been able to have a good
>>> working kernel on the 17 powerbook yet :(.  Any kernel that does run when
>>> switching from a graphical tty to another tty, the display goes so wacky
>>> on me.
> This was fixed when I booted a new vanilla. BUT seems to happen occationaly, 
> every once a weeked... and is fixed by going back and forth one more time. 

Is it possible to get a copy of your kernel config and is it the latest (  Every time I tried to compile a vanilla kernel it just does not work for me on the 17" powerbook but it works for my other G4s, G3s, and xserv.


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