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Re: 17" Powerbook fan turns on when starting into Ubuntu Dapper

On Friday 11 August 2006 00:17, Adam D wrote:
> Adam D wrote:
> > BXrge Holen wrote:
> >> On Thursday 10 August 2006 23:53, Adam D wrote:
> >>> OK,  I decided to just install Ubuntu on the 2nd Gen 17" powerbook with
> >>> ext3 as the file system and it works for now instead of booting into
> >>> xfs.
> >>>
> >>> Upon startup and starting the network interfaces and then the portmap
> >>> the fan turns on full throttle and spins for a while. It is semi loud
> >>> and is rather annoying.   Is there a way not to have the fan spin when
> >>> booting into Ubunto on startup?
> >>
> >> Is the fan a problem? As in; a fault that make it spin, instead of
> >> temp.? Anyway, I believe I had some sort of unagreement with my fan
> >> together with kernel 2.6.8, while at it, I'm not completely sure.
> >>
> >>> -Adam
> >
> > Guess one would say it is not a problem however when booting into OSX the
> > fan does not turn on unless of something really pushing the CPU hard.  On
> > Ubuntu the fan is extremely sensitive and turns on with the slightest
> >  thing running.
Yes, that could be what I mentioned, I installed debian testing and a vanilla 
kernel, problem solved.

> >  I can't tell if it is heat related or not.  How does one 
> > tell?  As for the kernel.  I have not yet been able to have a good
> > working kernel on the 17 powerbook yet :(.  Any kernel that does run when
> > switching from a graphical tty to another tty, the display goes so wacky
> > on me.

This was fixed when I booted a new vanilla. BUT seems to happen occationaly, 
every once a weeked... and is fixed by going back and forth one more time. 

> >
> > -Adam
> I had forgotten to mention that I am using the stock kernel
> (2.6.15-23-powerpc) when I did the install.

And I use debian (debians stock kernel sucks with my pb 17", using vanilla for 
a reason)

Never did like ubuntu, why do they not combine forces with debian instead of 
trying to make something new and better (stealing from the best).  Somebody 
got to much money.          did I just write this!?!

> -Adam
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Kennel Arivene 

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