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Re: booting the install on the H50

> >> vi /tmp/deb/etc/yaboot.conf
> >> 
> >> then:
> >> mkdir /tmp/deb/ppc
> >> 
> >> and save file, attached to this message as /tmp/deb/ppc/bootinfo.txt
> >> this file is needed by IBM Open Firmware to find yaboot boot loader
> >> automagically.
> >> 
> >> now, change all occurences of cd: to cdrom: , as IBM open firmware had cdrom:
> >> alias by default for CD drive. Save the file.
> >> 
> >> then, create new ISO image with -l option (so long file names will be allowed):
> >> mkisofs -r -J -l -o debian-new.iso /tmp/deb
I also changed cd to cdrom in instal/ofboot.b
	or is that for mac and the bootinfo.txt file is for IBM?

in the bootinfo.txt file is says:
	<boot-script>boot &device;:\install\yaboot</boot-script>

Where does it get the &device from?

Is that really supposed to be &device semi-colon colon, 
	or should it be colon comma?

RE yaboot:  LFS and Gentoo use yaboot on their cdroms and don't have
yaboot.conf in /etc.  The reason I dl'd them was to send as many options
to the vendor to prove that Linux boots.  Why does debian's yaboot need
it in /etc? Is it compiled that way?

Thanks for your patience on this; I'm trying to boot a computer I've
never seen via a non-unix non-linux vendor prior to shipping it.

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