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booting the install on the H50


My H50 vendor wants to ensure that the unit will boot the Debian 3.1
install before he ships the unit.  He says he can't get it to and
suspects he is not making the CD correctly since his running systems are

In reading the Installation manual for both 3.0 and 3.1 it says that
"Currently, the only PowerPC subarchitectures that support CD-ROM
booting are PReP and New World PowerMacs."  Elsewhere it says that "for
CHRP, floppy support is currently broken".  

So what do I tell my vendor?  How does he boot a stand-alone H50 if
neither CD-ROM or floppy will boot?

This is a PowerPC 604e processor, 256 MB ram, floppy drive, SCSI CDROM
and SCSI sda 9.? GB, using Open Firmware.



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