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Re: Wallstreet + quik + atyfb = crash

On 17 Jul 2006, at 07:51, brian wrote:

on my powerbook3400 where i just got quik going,
i just double checked -- i have no video options set at all.

Interesting. A friend of mine has an "original" (3400-based) G3, and is having video issues. I'll get him to try this.

i do have apparently though some video driver problem,
that is no better or worse in quik or bootx. the pb3400 has
chips tho not ati, but keep reading.

Issues in X only, or do you get the same in console mode? If your console is running OK, I'd suggest the issue is probably to do with X.

worried about my disk, i did finally manage to backup my debian
sarge off the 3400 and copy it to my beige g3 and am up and running
there, more or less, with bootx. the one video problem i had
with chips disappears but there are some other minor problems,

It would do, the built-in video on the beige G3s is ati :)

i am still working with the xf86config. besides the ati there i also
have an ixmicro16MB card which i am studying how to get going.
(no luck yet). i have seen people suggest options like you are
discussing but i have no idea what the various flags there represent,
may be out of date, i don't wish to burn up something !!

Hrm. This might be a useful link, http://www.jonh.net/lppcfom-serve/ cache/1043.html

The definitive list of arguments are, of course, found in the source for the relevant driver. The above suggests a good combination for the 3400 would be "video=chipsfb:vmode:10,cmode:16" which _should_ give you 16 bits per pixel at 800x600. I think the mclk option often quoted for wallstreets is ati-specific.

For the ixmicro card, it's all a question of what card model it is and what chipset it has. ${LINUX_SRC_ROOT}/drivers/video is where you'll find the source, for example the twin turbo driver is imsttfb.c in that directory (looking there, it seems that it probably supports vmode and cmode as described above, and not much else)


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