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Re: Wallstreet + quik + atyfb = crash

quick response

my console video was fine *until* i had spent
like a month fooling with the X font system,
trying to understand that, since my problem
seems to only effect fonts i thought it was there
for a long time. then i suspected unicode 
and i played with that. any the upshot is
i have, despite trying to put all back like it was 

i have some punctuation that appears as little
solid squares instead - hyphenation, quotation, etc.
its mostly annoying problem. orginally it was
fine, anyway.


i regards to ims there are changes from last year
upstream which are in xorg7 now, so i have been
planning to try that in a while. looks like formerly
it was pretty well " builtin " but a separate X
driver now in Xorg. there was a multiyear delay there.
(seemed that that happened with the chips a while
back too was half broken for a long time - so if
your buddy has an older release tell him to upgrade !)

i am downloading netinstall of etch now, see how
it boots there later. didn't have before i just
did in place upgrade from sarge.

--- Simon Stapleton <simon.stapleton@gmail.com> wrote:

> On 17 Jul 2006, at 07:51, brian wrote:
> > on my powerbook3400 where i just got quik going,
> > i just double checked -- i have no video options
> set at all.
> Interesting.  A friend of mine has an "original"
> (3400-based) G3, and  
> is having video issues.  I'll get him to try this.
> >
> > i do have apparently though some video driver
> problem,
> > that is no better or worse in quik or bootx. the
> pb3400 has
> > chips tho not ati, but keep reading.
> Issues in X only, or do you get the same in console
> mode?  If your  
> console is running OK, I'd suggest the issue is
> probably to do with X.
> > worried about my disk, i did finally manage to
> backup my debian
> > sarge off the 3400 and copy it to my beige g3 and
> am up and running
> > there, more or less, with bootx. the one video
> problem i had
> > with chips disappears but there are some other
> minor problems,
> It would do, the built-in video on the beige G3s is
> ati :)
> > i am still working with the xf86config. besides
> the ati there i also
> > have an ixmicro16MB card which i am studying how
> to get going.
> > (no luck yet). i have seen people suggest options
> like you are
> > discussing but i have no idea what the various
> flags there represent,
> > may be out of date, i don't wish to burn up
> something !!
> >
> Hrm.  This might be a useful link,
> http://www.jonh.net/lppcfom-serve/ 
> cache/1043.html
> The definitive list of arguments are, of course,
> found in the source  
> for the relevant driver.  The above suggests a good
> combination for  
> the 3400 would be "video=chipsfb:vmode:10,cmode:16"
> which _should_  
> give you 16 bits per pixel at 800x600.  I think the
> mclk option often  
> quoted for wallstreets is ati-specific.
> For the ixmicro card, it's all a question of what
> card model it is  
> and what chipset it has. 
> ${LINUX_SRC_ROOT}/drivers/video is where  
> you'll find the source, for example the twin turbo
> driver is  
> imsttfb.c in that directory (looking there, it seems
> that it probably  
> supports vmode and cmode as described above, and not
> much else)
> Simon
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