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Re: XFree86 Config on imac g3

Dear Giulio,

I agree that a one button mouse in linux is painful.

I can't speak for a keyboard, but I use a three-button scrollwheel USB mouse on a 7600 oldworld mac. I recall that imacs have USB built in, which should make it as simple as plugging in the mouse and running "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86" to tell it what protocol the mouse uses.


Giulio Canevari wrote:

> 4) The 1 button mouse isn't that handy to say an eufemism, i have
> installed mouseemu but this has stolen some keys that are important for
> some apps ( F10 and F11 ). Other solutions?
> Just to know if it is possible, can i use a normal pc mouse and keyboard?
> i attach the current XF86Config-4
> Thank you in advance,

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