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Re: WLAN WPA(2) in iBook 2.2

On Wed, 14 Jun 2006 09:32:32 +0200, Tim Teulings wrote:

> Hello!
> I own an iBook 2.2 running debian testing and I would like to connect it
> per WLAN to my WLAN router using WPA(2) encryption.
> Recent web search suggest that this would be in priciple possible but
> the wpasupplicant package does not have support for the orinoco chipset
> used by the iBook WLAN card.
> Is this still true? If yes, is there another way to get WPA encryption
> without wpasupplicant package? Can it be expected that it will suppot
> this combination in the future? If yes, how :-)?
> -- 
> Gruß...
>        Tim.

A future version of the orinoco driver will support WPA.

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