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Re: imac g3 installation problem

thank you all for the fast reply.

In data 27/05/2006 19:22 Rich Johnson ha scritto:
On May 27, 2006, at 11:13 AM, Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:

If you have network available you can also try to install a tftp  server
somewhere and netboot the installer.

The procedure is available here:

(for me i need to specify boot enet:0,yaboot in order to get the  yaboot
binary from the tftp server)

Unfortunatly i don't have a net card for the x86, i'll think about
buying a cheap one plus a cable.

The data connection for the CD-ROM is standard. If you have a working CD-ROM lying around you could take the skins off the iMac and hook it up. Don't worry about the audio traces.

I have done a really poor photo ( done some nights ago whilst inspecting
the hw and creating an image of the whole hd with dd on my x86, i have
simply removed the hd and putted it on ata1 master on the desktop ) and
it seem to have no power cable, and the back of the thin cdrom reader
has a circuit before the cable. I also don't remember if there is a
spare power connector.

I have uploaded it on
http://giuliogiuseppecarlo.interfree.it/TMP/Imac-cdrom.jpg  .

I have also a spare cdwriter ( 5.25 standard pc bay )

In the event the disk is partitioned, you could use the MAC OS to put the bootstrap on an HFS partition and boot it from OF. But proceed carefully you won't get another chance after repartitioning the disk for debian.

For now i'll think i'll wait monday or tuesday and i'll buy the net card.

Giulio Canevari

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