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Re: Linux on Mac PPC vs AMD64

Apple supports hardware for the duration of your warranty (or the

warranty + the AppleCare duration if you've purchased it.) They'll

continue to do that even during the Intel transition and after. With

AppleCare you've got a guaranteed 3 years of hardware support. After

that time, the computer is getting kind of crustry anyway in

comparison to all of the new things that have come out since then.

Okay, True, but let look at the facts,
Nothing Apple has coming in with intel, is going to beat
AMD64 bits chips. ( unless intel design a new secret chip)
some kinda 64bit.. but it looks like 32bit for now.

And now there Windows on Mac,
in the very near future, Mac OS will be on Standard PC.
and besides, Apple, is more iPods, or some kinda Pod,
just watch the keynote address, its all Eye Candy,
every since MacWeek (Magazine) died, things change.

It does not make since to use Mac Again... for they will not be
faster than AMD64 Duo Core or Quad Units running Linux.

I guess, its like this: Windows OS, Mac OS, are like BBS's,
and Linux is like the Open Internet... which one are you going to dial into ??? ...The future is for Open Source.

So, get the fastest machine, that can run it. (Linux)


PS: Been a long time Mac user since 1982.
Apple 512KE
Apple SE
Apple SE/30

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