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Re: [snd] looking for layout-ids


>  How about 0x3c and 0x3d (PowerMac9,1) ?  I can't see anything in
> snd-aoa-fabric-layout that matches 60 or 61.  I last tried to play
> with this a few weeks ago, but gave up with what I assumed were
> config problems (undefined symbols) and had too many other things to
> get on with.

undefined symbols are usually because alsa isn't configured, or snd-pcm
isn't loaded.

>  Certainly, this is one of the machines where loading snd-powermac
> is catastrophic.

Catastrophic? How so? Anyway, I don't care much :)

Anyway, if you want to give it a spin, try the latest snd-aoa (see
http://johannes.sipsolutions.net/Projects/snd-aoa/ for a description).
It should report an unknown layout, which are those two ones you
described above. I think you probably have a tas and topaz combination,
so if you get i2sbus to load, I might be able to give you a patch to


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