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[snd] looking for layout-ids


In order to replace snd-powermac for the newer machines where the
'sound' node has the 'layout-id' property, I'm looking for testers on
machines that have a layout-id [1] property with one of the following
values: 0x24, 0x29, 0x33, 0x50 and 0x3a.

Once I have all these, I will, along with submitting snd-aoa [2], submit
a patch to snd-powermac that makes it refuse loading in presence of a
layout-id property as a first step to migrate to snd-aoa.

At the same time, I'll probably make i2sbus refuse attaching to a device
unless there's a layout-id property so that it doesn't claim devices aoa
doesn't handle yet.


[1] to find your layout-id, execute the following:

  find /proc/device-tree/ -name layout-id | xargs hexdump -e '1/4 "0x%x\n"'

If you get no output, you have no layout-id property. If you do get
output, it will look like this:
This is the layout-id of your sound node.

[2] Before you ask: I will not do this before snd-aoa supports headphone
detection :)

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