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Re: [snd] looking for layout-ids

> > In order to replace snd-powermac for the newer machines where the
> > 'sound' node has the 'layout-id' property, I'm looking for testers on
> > machines that have a layout-id [1] property with one of the following
> > values: 0x24
> That would be mine, but it has the problem of the broken device tree, so
> i2sbus doesn't work yet.

Ah, right. I'll have to check with Ben a bit more when he comes back. He
seemed to have half of a plan ;)

> > [2] Before you ask: I will not do this before snd-aoa supports headphone
> > detection :)
> Another important feature would be DRC, IMHO.

Yeah, I guess, but that's only doable with the tas codec. I don't think
it's hard, if anyone wnats to try: the tas datasheet is in my
repository, and all you need to do is modify the tas codec to show the
controls for that. Could also use some bass/treble controls.

If we want DRC even for the other machines, that's an alsa userspace
thing since it needs a soft-DSP then.


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