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Re: snd-aoa status update / automatic driver loading

On Fri, 2006-05-19 at 19:49 +0200, Børge Holen wrote:

> I mean this has to be a flaw in; take my kernel 2.6.17-rc4 with Ben Collins 
> 5,8 toonie patch. This patch only let me output sound in a generic way ( and 
> a long explenation...). Hence forth; the original kernelwork does not have 
> the correct "thecorrectwhateveryoutrytoexplain" or am I missing a point here?

Right, that patch only allows 44100 Hz and 16-bit sample depth.

> AND in the same time, Arts does this fuckup to, cuz whenever I use alsa 
> directly with mplayer & vlc (since the movie was my only problem) I got this 
> sound where I can actually hear what the acctors say.
> Then momen arts (noatun with movie)  puts its sound throught it scrambles.

Still does? even with the last version? Arts probably always runs in the
highest sample depth it can get...


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