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Re: powerbook5,6 questions

On Thu, May 11, 2006 at 02:01:38AM +0200, Benoit Chesneau wrote:
> I'v an alubook (powerbook5,6 1.67)  with ati RV360M11 
> and I'm tempted to pass it under linux. 

My company has the previous model PowerBook5,6 1,5 ati RV350 9600 M10,
I am the main user.

> I would like to know if now Airport extrem works well 

Since early this year I could make it work, 
I expect this to get better with the next linux releases.

> and if I can video/dvi out under linux and especially debianppc.

See Benjamin's answers for this.
I am using SVGA external display output for presentations,
the only problem is that the difference of resolutions.
Some beamers might have problems with it, but it is possible to work
around them. Usually I use a virtual screen of 1280x1024 points 
for presentations.

> Btw does someone use this laptop fulltime under linux ? For what
> reason? I'm very interrested by your feedback.

My machine is dual boot.
I am using it under GNU/Linux 98% of my time.
Mainly because my company (Intevation) is focused on Free Software business,
e.g. Kolab and I run the KDE Kolab Client and also do tests of the server.
And secondly because I value my freedom.

Exceptions are when I want to test Free Software under Mac OS 10.
E.g. like thuban.intevation.org.


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