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Re: powerbook5,6 questions

On Thu, May 11, 2006 at 02:01:38AM +0200, Benoit Chesneau wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'v an alubook (powerbook5,6 1.67)  with ati RV360M11 and I'm tempted
> to pass it under linux. I would like to know if now Airport extrem
> works well and if I can video/dvi out under linux and especially
> debianppc.
> Btw does someone use this laptop fulltime under linux ? 

99 % of the time my Powerbook5,8 is run by Debian Linux: The machine
is a dual-boot one here: OSX + Linux. And the only reason I still have
this OSX partition is the firmware updates for this machine that I can
get via the OS X software updater, at least for the next 1 or 2 years,
as I hope. But as soon as I find a usable way to install these
firmware updates without OSX that OSX partition will be wiped for ..
guess what?  ... :)

> For what reason? 

Somewhere once, IIRC, I read something like: "What are you doing more
than 2 hours in front of Mac OS X?" I couldn't put it better ...

You're probably better-off tho' with this relatively new machine if
you build your own kernels. But IMNSHO this comes close to a snap even
for users, i.e. non-coders, if that's done via make-kpkg on a Debian
system ... :) And provided they're willing to learn and spend some
time on that ..

If people only need some email or Internet or a Web cam to say hello to
Grandma it's prolly better to just use OSX ... I don't think that
those being curious on what's happening on a computer have another
chance than installing something like Linux.

Oh yes, and this: I think it's much more comfortable to use Linux than
any other OS I know. Because with Linux I feel I have more options to
tweak the system according to my needs.


Best Regards

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