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Re: Problems with the airport

El mié, 10-05-2006 a las 23:38 +0200, Javier Ramirez escribió:
> Hi to everyone.
> I am having kernel with the berlios kernel patch (not the
> dscape one).
> I can scan the wireless networks but dhcpd doesn't get an ip address.

Ok, I've had this same problem since the first time I tried bcm43xx.
I've managed to obtain the IP with dhcp doing one of these two things (I
call my wireless interface bcm0):

1) ifup bcm0
   Let it finish the first time with out obtaining an IP, and then issue
a "dhclient bcm0" which normally obtained an IP from my router.

Some times I have to issue a 'iwlist bcm0 scan' and then the 'dhclient
bcm0', but this happens very rare times.

2) This is what I use now, it works great and it was a surprise for me.
I installed "network-manager-gnome" only to test/try it and...it gets
the IP address instantly, I mean, when I start my gnome session the bcm0
interface, is up, associated and with an IP!! and I don't have to do
anything :)

One more thing...it seems for some people to cause problems a bitrate of
54M, so I use the 11M bitrate.

I don't use WPA so I can't tell you if it will work with it, but for me
it has solved a lot of my problems.

Hope it works for you.

A. Corbi.

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