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Re: How can I get rid of the starting bong! (G4-mac mini)?

Hi Michael,

On  30 Mar, this message from Michael Schmitz echoed through cyberspace:
>> > nvsetvol 0
>> While this seems to work indeed, there is more to it, I beleive.
>> Under OS X there are a few apps that can independantly of sound
>> volume, change the volume of the startup sound. I have done this on
>> mine, verified it is silent, but still nvsetvol shows a default
>> volume of 24.
> Can you name a few of these apps?

This page mentions two, and I used the first one:


> nvsetvol changes just the one setting in the XPRAM. If there's more
> info in the XPRAM regarding volume, I'd like a hint.

Maybe you can find something there. Alas, often enough under MacOS the
gory details are hidden in some System library.



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