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Re: snd-aoa on PowerMac 8,2

On Wed, 2006-03-29 at 20:37 +0200, Eduardo Trápani wrote:

> I did, I get the same error.  Tracing it a bit I noticed that still you are using port 0x47 (71).

> In aoa/codecs/onyx/snd-aoa-codec-onyx.h you have:
> #define ONYX_REG_DAC_OUTPHASE           71
> I guess that should relate the "base register" somehow.  Maybe something like ONYX_REG_BASE + 0
> Then I could set my base register at 0x46 and the rest would work.  Maybe.

No, you're confusing registers and i2c addresses :)

i2c transfers work like this:
0) set start
1) transfer (address<<1) | (direction bit)
2) transfer sub-address (register number usually)
3) transfer data
4) set stop


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